Home-like atmosphere

The exterior of our 7,000 square foot building is modeled to look like a home. Our lobby area is designed to feel like a living room so that children will feel at ease upon entering our academy. Our spacious, open-concept classrooms have a relaxed atmosphere, conducive to risk-taking learning opportunities.


Providing a safe and secure atmosphere for children and employees is a priority. We utilize biometric software at our academy’s double-door entry. Once inside, parents utilize the touch screen management software to check in their children. Our software gives parents information on their child and their account and allows them to receive messages from staff. Additionally, our perimeter, playground, and classrooms have monitoring cameras that feed images into our local network to ensure that children and staff are safe at all times and to enable our leadership team to observe activities. All teachers are trained in CPR and First Aid—this is our requirement for our employees, exceeding state licensing requirements—and all pass state and federal background checks including fingerprinting.